The Earthly Fire
Marcel Schwob
(trans. Kit Schluter)

from Utopia XL
Bryan Edenfield

from Ablaza
Adam Tedesco

What I Swrong
Blake Butler

Subashini Navaratnam

The Asterism Of Rabies
John Trefry

from Slice
Virginia Barratt

One Straw + Parry
James Chapman

How Coyote Developed
a Sinkhole + Why I Was
Drawn to Coyote

Claire Hero

[issue 01]
featuring D.M. Thomas, Janice Lee & Michael Du Plessis, M Kitchell, Nicola Masciandaro, Tyann Prentice, Gary J Shipley, Michael Stewart, Chris Moran, and Nina Shope

[issue 02]
featuring Sarah Fox, Johannes Göransson, Aimee Parkison, Laura Ellen Joyce, Eugene Thacker, Jamalieh Haley, Peter O'Leary, Brad Baumgartner, and David Peak

[issue 03]
featuring Dan Hoy, Brian Conn, Shane Anderson, Beth Steidle, Aurora Linnea, Scott Hammer, Bradley J Fest, Andy Stallings, and Kim Parko

[issue 04]
featuring Purdey Lord Kreiden, Nick Greer, Matthew Johnstone, Claire Donato, A.A. Walker, Jayme Russell, C.C. Parker, Alina Popa, and Lital Khaikin

[issue 05]
featuring Greg Mulcahy, Angela Woodward, Vi Khi Nao, Katy Mongeau, Ben Woodard, S., Jared Daniel Fagen, Tipu Attar, and George Sterling

[issue 06]
featuring Marcel Schwob (trans. Kit Schluter), Bryan Edenfield, Adam Tedesco, Blake Butler, Subashini Navaratnam, John Trefry, Virginia Barratt, James Chapman, and Claire Hero

[issue 07]
featuring Marie Schutt, Sueyeun Juliette Lee, Robert Kloss, Jamie Grefe, Jessie Janeshek, Brian Evenson, Pierre Abidi, with the assistance of The Institute for Erotic Vertigo, Will Alexander and Deborah Birch