Will Alexander

Three Poems




Erotic Biblical Bewitchment

As Nicodemus blazes
he reverses himself as Sanhedrin
& convicts himself as cannibal
self-accusing himself as necromancer
as he who has never advanced above darkness
perhaps he resembles himself cooking fish in curious oxide sewers
perhaps conducting scores from musical vines resembling Pompeiian metals
perhaps accruing sums from general scorpion's chatter
from infected scorpion's gangrene
thus imbibing poison as his vapour
seizing from his monads a rubric conveying lust
en-firing rivulets from an older woman's carcass
his thought pervaded by sin
by a speculative form of dread
not unlike the original Galatians forcefully scolded by Paul
akin to the shell of a gutted Roman baker whose partial corpse
eternally crackles above a conclave of odours
as if he uttered himself from a dying falcon's eyes
perched upon a villa of sumptuous Mongolian erotics
while continuing to orbit heaven
in the throes of full dilemma

Somnolent Exhumation As Canticle

This lonely extended choir of singing
as curious insouciant wavering gone blind
being a bloody complicitous sun gone blind running the gamut of its own extended fire not unlike explosive dolomite invasion
being a spine of rocks burning upwards into inflammatory metrics
being involuntary wind
being a store house of spiders
perhaps a monarch of bones rising as inspired green tin inside ice infected molecules of fire
perhaps exacting zodiac waters obtusely engendered in league
with violent abstracted velvet oscillations branded as a proviso of corpses
cooked with radiation
prowling in refrangible horse sleep ethers

In The Nether Dimension

Beams from blemished salivary riddles
from sluggish decibels of grammar
from stymied nacre bursts
from the crude duress on in-circular nimbus derangement
not unlike a blunted talon gone sour
or the negative substance from a catfish or a crocodile
rising from the cholera of in-seminal nematode valleys

: : : : :

WILL ALEXANDER is a poet, novelist, playwright, aphorist, essayist, visual artist, and pianist. He has published over thirty books in the above mentioned genres. Both a Whiting and a California Arts Council Fellow, he has been a PEN Oakland winner, an American Book Award winner, as well as being a recipient of the 2016 Jackson Prize for Poetry.