PLINTH is more than a journal. PLINTH collects & manifests an alternate canon. Forming poetry, philosophy & fable, the science-fictional & alchemical, from essence to possibility, PLINTH undoes boundary or makes boundary womb for birth. PLINTH murmurs untold stories, fragments, weird thought modes, preposterous expression. For PLINTH, beauty is the liminal, the grotesque, the sublime, ritual & devotional practice. PLINTH bridges stars. PLINTH adores the strange, depraved, the horrible & the forgotten. PLINTH marks a chasm. PLINTH is a cogwheel with teeth grinding bullion back to lead. PLINTH is a library. Attend PLINTH as it incarnates in empty rooms, atop ziggurats decrepit or industrial, under gnarled branches, in spaces between throngs, &c.

[issue 01]
featuring D.M. Thomas, Janice Lee & Michael Du Plessis, M Kitchell, Nicola Masciandaro, Tyann Prentice, Gary J Shipley, Michael Stewart, Chris Moran, and Nina Shope

[issue 02]
featuring Sarah Fox, Johannes Göransson, Aimee Parkison, Laura Ellen Joyce, Eugene Thacker, Jamalieh Haley, Peter O'Leary, Brad Baumgartner, and David Peak

[issue 03]
featuring Dan Hoy, Brian Conn, Shane Anderson, Beth Steidle, Aurora Linnea, Scott Hammer, Bradley J Fest, Andy Stallings, and Kim Parko

[issue 04]
featuring Purdey Lord Kreiden, Nick Greer, Matthew Johnstone, Claire Donato, A.A. Walker, Jayme Russell, C.C. Parker, Alina Popa, and Lital Khaikin

[issue 05]
featuring Greg Mulcahy, Angela Woodward, Vi Khi Nao, Katy Mongeau, Ben Woodard, S., Jared Daniel Fagen, Tipu Attar, and George Sterling

[issue 06]
featuring Marcel Schwob (trans. Kit Schluter), Bryan Edenfield, Adam Tedesco, Blake Butler, Subashini Navaratnam, John Trefry, Virginia Barratt, James Chapman, and Claire Hero

[issue 07]
featuring Marie Schutt, Sueyeun Juliette Lee, Robert Kloss, Jamie Grefe, Jessie Janeshek, Brian Evenson, Pierre Abidi, with the assistance of The Institute for Erotic Vertigo, Will Alexander and Deborah Bircho