Chris Moran





In this       sun     violence caked on       in the annihilation    age    aural
haze       blood       as the dimensional activator       as the raw

                                   through the chthonic force of fire     through spidery tendrils
that seep into       necrotic vacuum spheres

that dilate      the core wave pupils         to transfuse the sky          in the visible

Floating embers succumb to death's feeble sound       encased in glass      
vaporwave          enthroned by death's blazing spectrum

ignition of the central core          sun blood

evaporate the essence      the irreducible        eternal everlasting sustenance          
finding the deepest part      of the psyche           and speaking from that place
                  echoing        the golden core




Let it be known that        these accretions of experience        lessen degrees of
assemblage         into the mauve zone

densely coagulated spores          of condensed polyhedral      and sonorous
debris, destitute spheres

devastated auras of the crippled circumference          replicated auras and
demon dreams              via memories of the future          where ozone
levitates the wave of revolution



Cast the circumference out into the shadows            formulating cults of the
nether trance

the pulse of narration lingers on in convergent layers            of atavistic artifice
           the occult navigations, the permanence of prayer

         ravaged by scepters of darkened embers          bleeding through the
shadowy realm        where no mind is at ease




Speaking in the language of infinity         psychic tornados emit
           venomous thunder

the prismatic stratum            alludes to the simultaneous vibration          the echo of
spurious constellated spheres

Inverse trigrams and the monolithic lunar rhombus          lords of dark vapor collect
a curse         of infernal echoes, of dynamic leaping               of angular orchids
and perpendicular fires

I invented modes of hypnosis through which dreams filter        the lunacy of
psychic spheres built by blood         and ozone         the imperial rites of heathenry

Intelligent spheres and        rhomboid crystals collect       a curse specific to earth
         soporific spirals of disingenuous gems       sprout cinnabar and the       death
of furious isotopes




Midnight of the senses       curvature of the impulse        the aquatic vortex lingering
           in airborn symmetry

the image dominates these antechambers          of fractured air, this psychic
receptacle of frozen auras

the arctic shores navigated the central dissonance          fractured menageries
              the bioluminescent pulse amplitude             in this violent field of
pure madness             trajectory of the impossible emblem
the spherical axis blazing           out of the rhomboid hypercube



Through the weight of meteors        through penumbras pierced          at vast
octagonal distances         through the fraternity of stars         united in agony
             through the thrust of misconceived gravity
phosphorescent stones exploded         the telescope slashed            these hybrid


The air shielded spheres and inhaled darkness         perpetuated by smokeless
flame            Venusian trumpets blare            black venom             and
malignant toadstools


ghosts and negative energies        percolate the aura of the causal




To drink the entire universe          osmotic as in mimesis as in collecting
venom            as in the psychic specter

Infrared technology in geosynchronous orbit        with the aid of long forgotten
ancient deities          and into the hammered bracelet of the firmament           the
starry vacuum encompassed the pattern's trajectory
                 to ignite a ghost             beyond belief




In the shadow regions of the half-dead     the sky opens           to dimensions of
sound            multiform orbs             central shapes            Platonic spheres            dilated
             the black octopus alien monad

            A minor mirror           dissolved          golden images of crippled geometry
                   a chain reaction        in the earth grid        to awaken          as an eye
a lens of perception          through which a god             can perceive

Spheres mingling      with destitute creation              worlds drained of colors
                    and the simulacra        of the finite vessel           infinite sum
             of the First Essence

Being           and nothingness               being               and appellation
into the solemn clouds          of seeded                        spheres
educated clouds

forces expelled by               the experiential blood                of these boreal orbs




In the shadowy spheres           of utmost solitude         black spheres
rotating           in the absolute air            caught in the turiya time warp

blackened echo             of the teleological impulse           embedded in sound

black energy mixed with           cylindrical stars         and hypervascular
                      the sound of stone                    central eye

central sphere               central mind



Clouded by orbs         and spectral shells illuminated by                   the ancient

holospheres warped by the unseen         flaming eye     corroded by stars and
cylindrical auras             illusionary palisades                  crystals flowing
through fourth dimensional            holy hell

To breathe venom into the          spidery shell of an eye          is to mutate life
in the central sphere             as a semblance to Lucifer, the prime directive

             Ghost of a planisphere          coercion of the hyperplane            to decode
the integral calculus             into a timeless loop

black spheres entrenched in          osmotic dream horizons      weave webs
echoing thunder
heard                      in the ear of the mind             to divide these

mirror minerals             via the incalculable entity        Typhon

the winds wrapped ouroboros-like                      round the garden green

divulging truth about the astral hemisphere         the astral latticework          and
incursions from the trans-Plutonian                wave curse

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CHRIS MORAN is the author of GHOSTLORD (Solar Luxuriance). He lives in Columbus, OH and his website is